Can You Freeze Goat Cheese? (Tips, Tricks, & How-To Guide)

Have you ever wondered if you can freeze goat cheese? This article will provide you with helpful tips, tricks, and a simple how-to guide on freezing goat cheese.

This guide will cover how to extend its shelf life or how to stock up on your favorite goat cheese. Let’s dive right in and answer the question, “Can you freeze goat cheese?”

Can You Freeze Goat Cheese?

To freeze goat cheese, keep it in its original packaging, typically made of thick plastic. Place the entire log in the freezer. If you’ve already opened the package or need to portion a large log of cheese into smaller pieces, ensure proper preservation by tightly wrapping it in plastic wrap before placing it in a bag with a zip closure.

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When you choose to freeze goat cheese, it’s essential to keep in mind that its texture might alter a bit. Once thawed, the cheese could become crumbly or feel slightly grainy.

But don’t worry!

This won’t impact its delightful flavor, and you can still use it in many different goat cheese recipes. Before adding it to your dishes, simply give it a good stir or crumble it, and it will be perfectly suitable for use.

How to Freeze Solid Goat Cheese

Here’s how to freeze goat cheese by following these four steps:

  1. Portion the goat cheese according to your usage preferences, such as 2-ounce or 4-ounce portions.
  2. Wrap each portion tightly with plastic wrap to minimize air exposure.
  3. Place the individually wrapped portions in a freezer-safe, sealable plastic bag, removing as much air as possible.
  4. Date the sealable freezer bag and freeze the goat cheese for up to 6 months. Enjoy your perfectly portioned goat cheese whenever needed.

How to Freeze Spreadable Goat Cheese

soft cheeses

To freeze spreadable goat cheese properly, follow these three steps:

  1. Cover the spread with plastic wrap in its original container to preserve its freshness.
  2. Place the container lid on top.
  3. Label and date the cheese, and store it in the freezer.

Can I Freeze Goat Cheese Logs?

It’s entirely possible to freeze goat cheese logs, and the freezing process is similar for many varieties of goat cheese.

Rather than dividing the cheese into smaller pieces, it’s best to keep the logs intact and wrap them. Afterwards, gently place the wrapped goat cheese logs into a ziplock bag.

How to Thaw Goat Cheese When It’s Frozen

Here are some short steps on how to thaw goat cheese.

  • Step 1: Take out the cheese from the freezer. Afterward, place it inside the fridge for approximately a couple of hours, followed by leaving it in the refrigerator overnight.
  • Step 2: After it has thawed completely, discard the plastic wrap and gently stir the cheese to restore its original creamy consistency in case it has become slightly watery.

How Long Does Goat Cheese Last in the Freezer?

When you double-wrap goat cheese before storing it in the freezer, you can extend its shelf life to approximately six months. Freezing the cheese helps to preserve its flavor and texture, ensuring that it remains fresh and delicious for an extended period.

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By using two layers of wrapping, you provide an extra barrier against freezer burn and moisture loss, which can negatively impact the quality of the cheese.

Properly sealed and stored, this method allows you to enjoy the delectable taste of goat cheese even after months of freezing.

Storing in a Freezer-Safe Bag

  • Keeps it fresh: When you put fresh goat cheese in a freezer-safe bag, it helps keep it fresh for a longer time. It prevents air from getting in and making the cheese spoil quickly.
  • Protects from freezer burn: Freezer burn can happen when food gets exposed to air in the freezer. By using a bag, you create a barrier that protects the goat cheese, which can make it taste weird and affect its texture.
  • Easy to organize: Putting the goat cheese in a safe bag makes it easier to organize. Be sure to write on the bag the date you put it in and also the type of cheese so that you know when it expires.

Remember, using a safe bag for freezing is a simple way to store your goat cheese, keeping it fresh and tasty for longer.

How Can You Tell if Goat Cheese Has Gone Bad?

When you encounter a strong or sour smell emanating from a cheese or detect any bitter or unpleasant taste upon sampling it, these are clear indicators that the cheese has surpassed its optimal quality.

Such sensory cues act as unmistakable clues that the cheese is no longer at its peak freshness.

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It’s important to pay attention to these signs as consuming cheese that has gone bad can lead to an unsatisfying culinary experience and potential health risks.

Therefore, it’s advisable to rely on your senses and discard any cheese that exhibits these unappetizing characteristics.

What Cheeses Can Be Frozen?

  • Swiss
  • Provolone
  • Limburger
  • Edam
  • Monterrey Jack
  • Cheddar
  • Colby
  • Gouda
  • Mozzarella
  • Pizza Cheese

Is Goat Cheese Good for You?

Yes, goat cheese is good for you because a serving of it delivers 6 grams of filling protein along with a powerful combination of calcium, phosphorus, and copper, which are essential for healthy bones.

Additionally, goat cheese provides healthy fats, including medium-chain fatty acids, that can improve satiety and support weight loss.

Health Benefits

There are many health benefits when you eat goat cheese. Goat cheese is a tasty cheese and healthy food that can bring some awesome benefits to your health.

To begin with, goat cheese has lots of nutrients that our bodies require to stay healthy. It’s a great way to get protein, which helps make muscles and keeps you satisfied.

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It also has lots of calcium and vitamin A which help with your bones, eyes and skin. Goat cheese is also a lot easier to break down in comparison to normal cheese from a cow.

Some people who have trouble with cow’s milk might find that goat cheese doesn’t upset their stomach as much.

As opposed to cow’s milk, it has smaller fat globules and a different protein structure, which can make it gentler on the digestive system. If weight loss is your goal, you can eat goat cheese due to its low calorie content.

Making Food With Frozen Goat Cheese

Once you have your frozen goat cheese ready, you can use it in various dishes. One simple way is to grate the frozen cheese and sprinkle it on top of salads.

It adds a creamy and tangy flavor to your greens. Another idea is to make a delicious dip or goat cheese spread. This creates a tasty and creamy goat cheese spread that you can enjoy with crackers or vegetables.

This is why many people love goat cheese. Goat cheese is a great garnish for pasta. You can crumble the soft cheese into a creamy sauce made with milk or cream.

This is great for a rich and flavorful sauce that goes well with pasta, vegetables, or even on top of baked potatoes.

create delicious cheese recipes with goat cheese

It can also be used in baking. You can grate or crumble the cheese into goat cheese crumbles and add it to bread, muffins, or scones. It gives a unique taste to your baked goods and makes them extra delicious.

What Foods Go Well with Thawed Goat Cheese?

After you thaw frozen goat cheese, here are some good foods that go with it.

  • Fresh fruit
  • Honey
  • Gingerbread
  • Nuts
  • Stewed fruit

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now that we know whether we can freeze goat cheese or not, here’s a list of some common questions on the subject.

How do you store goat cheese in the freezer?

When freezing goat cheese, start by considering your usual serving size and portion it accordingly. Next, tightly wrap each portion with plastic wrap. Then, place the wrapped portions in a safe bag in the freezer. Finally, remember to label the freezer bag with the date and store goat cheese.

What is the best way to preserve fresh goat cheese?

To extend the freshness of goat cheese, try storing it in the fridge by tightly wrapping it in plastic or using an airtight container. Alternatively, portion the cheese, put each piece in plastic, and place them in a freezer bag. These methods maintain the flavor and preserve the quality of the cheese.

Can you freeze goat cheese and feta cheese?

Freezing goat cheese, Havarti, and feta is possible, and when thawed, these cheeses retain their original texture remarkably well. Freezing cheese can extend their shelf life. This lets you enjoy them for a longer time. It’s crucial to note that while the texture may remain intact, some slight changes in flavor might occur after freezing and thawing goat cheese.

When Freezing Goat Cheese, How Long Does It After Being Opened?

When you unseal goat cheese, its shelf life in the refrigerator is typically around one week. To maintain its freshness, it’s essential to securely wrap it with plastic or alternatively, store it in a container that seals tightly. If you notice any signs of mold or an unpleasant odor, it’s advisable to discard it.

Final Thoughts

So can you freeze goat cheese? Freezing goat cheese is a viable option to extend its shelf life, but it’s important to consider the texture and intended use of the cheese before freezing.

By following the proper freezing techniques outlined in this guide, you can preserve the flavor and quality of your goat cheese for a longer period.